4 Easy Ways To Counter Google’s Algorithm Updates!

Again there was an update. Again there was uproar. Again there were similar voices like “Oh you just spoilt my ranking and destroyed my business..” When it happened for the first time (I am referring to the panda update), I could understand and relate to the mayhem it created because, for the first time Google looked serious towards weeding out the web spam which was being created in the name of SEO. It was justified. It should have happened long time back. The SEO Industry was caught unaware as it came unannounced. However the first panda update gave all the indications that Google is not going to tolerate web spam and will take some decisive actions against it. That should have been more than a wake up call to all the Search Engine Optimizers to think about SEO from marketing’s point of view and not just as any copy pasting job. Those who still persist with directory submissions, article submissions, link & content farms, paid links etc. are the ones who keep getting thrashed every time an update is announced. Let me share some very simple tips which will keep your website Google’s Update proof.

1. Keep providing value content to your visitors: All you have to do is before you hit the publish button on your website, just ask yourself it is going to add value to my visitors. Is this interesting enough for them. Is this good enough for them to share, like or comment? If the answer is yes, then go for it. If you are doubtful, then hold back, give it back to your content team, ask them to revise it, till you get convinced about the same.

2. Keep checking webmaster’s tools regularly: This is that secret dungeon where Google highlights and warns you of all your flaws. Do check it regularly either for broken links, long titles, missing site map, http or crawling errors, load time issues and so on. This is where you can identify the problem and nip it in the bud.

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3. Keep Checking Google Analytics: Google analytic is a wonderful place to know everything which your users despise. The only metric which you need to know is “bounce rate”. This metric will help you understand those pages which your users hate or you get untargeted traffic on. Once you have identified your trouble pages, the next thing you need to do is brainstorm on how to reduce the bounce. Is it the content, or the design or the user experience or the mismatch in title,  what is it, which is turning off your visitors the moment they enter it. Google hate those sites with high bounce rate. Use correct titles in description as Google rewards those sites with high CTR (Click Through Ratio).
4. Keep it simple and natural: Let people link to you the way they want it. Don’t overemphasize on the anchor text. The penguin update was harsh on the exact match domain and exact match anchor text. Just keep your focus on creating link worthy content, keep building relations with other bloggers and influencers of your niche and use those contacts in a creative manner .
Google updates are aimed at weeding out the web spam, the quality publishers, who are playing by the rule book should have nothing to worry about. +1 if you agree !

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