7 Key Takeaways from Google’s Penguin 2 Update

“You can’t stop the future, You can’t rewind the past,The only way to learn the secret,…is to press play.” 
― Jay Asher, Thirteen Reasons Why

When Matt Cutts first talked about penguin update 2, Danni Sullivan was quick to point out that this should have been the 4th. However after some exchanges it was made clear that in Google’s internal team, this update was being referred to as penguin 2 as this was expected to be huge, hit more English language queries than the previous small updates. So, why everyone is talking about penguin 2 and how it is going to change the future course of keyword ranking. Let’s try and understand.

1. Automated backlinks will be under scanner: Sites which use automated softwares to build back links will be penalized. Let your links be build naturally, on their own with their own speed. The only way to push it, is to build quality relations with the bloggers and influencers (read power users), create quality content and ask those relations to share it. Remember to stay humble, don’t spam, respect their time and ask for permission before you send them anything for review. The good one will be rewarded, the bad ones will be rejected right away.

2. Advertorials are out : Sponsored posts are on the hit list unless they have been marked as sponsored and the links have no follow. No link juice should be transferred in sponsored posts.

3. Watch out for spammy keywords: These are those keywords on which advertisers usually pay high and hence they contribute to webspam, specially by some adsense publishers and others too. E.g. pay day loan etc. Be wary of optimizing for such terms.

4. Link Networks will be in trouble: This was quite expected. Rather I am surprised why Google is acting a bit slow on them; this is too easy to be cracked.

5. Authority websites will Dominate the SERP: Reward for those who created high quality sites with all the might of designers, developers and content writers. Does that mean, Death kneel for small publishers? Nope, the long tail keywords are no one’s hegemony, only the competitive keywords will be dominated by authority websites.

6. Better handling of hacked websites: Hacking is on the rise which is why Google wants to give you enough benefit of doubt. Moreover, Google wants to ensure a smoother and quick communication to the webmasters in this regards, hence a tool will be developed for the same by the year end.

7. High quality content will continue to rule the roost: Not just content, website with less load time, good user experience (in terms of usability) and good design, all this will contribute to better ranking.

To summarize it, there is nothing much to worry about in penguin2. Just stick to basics, adhere to Google’s recommendations and your website will remain safe.

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