3 Facebook Fanpage Tips From Oreo India

Maintaining a fan page with high engagement rate is an uphill task and your admin has to be a real creative genie to do it. Moreover, many of you will agree that your admins’s creative outflow is needed to be ably supported by the design and content team, otherwise it will not be of much use. Many brands falter on their fan page engagement as they just concentrate on their brand related information. What they fail to realize is, a fan page is like any other channel which is supposed to educate, entertain its audience which indirectly forces them to take notice of the brand itself.

We at WMW usually observe brands, their behavior online and the kind of results they get. This week we will talk about how Oreo India, a cookie brand, is so successful in engaging its fans on facebook.

1. Use of Localized content: When you see their fan page one can easily see the beautiful blend of India’s interesting facts or figures along with the brand positioning. The way they did it is quite intelligent. Neither loud nor subtle.

2. Highlights Social Causes: Their show of support via increasing awareness about the polio vaccination highlights their bit towards social causes.

3. Uses Famous World events: Be it solar eclipse, or formula 1 race, Oreo has tried to capture the attention of its fans with its mind blowing imagination.

Apart from the creative ideas being used in brand promotion, one thing which I am sure would have captured your attention must be the use of High quality images. As often said facebook and to a certain extent even Google + are more or less photo sharing sites i.e. images work best over there. Oreo usually gets thousands of likes and hundreds of shares.

Number of unique shares is quite an important metric (as compared to like) as this indicates a higher level of confidence from the users, appears on their profile page, their news feed, which gives your post a longer shelf life. At the end of the day it is nothing but just a cookie targeting a kid in all of us and we believe they are doing a fantastic job. Hope, more brands will follow such style of marketing. We will review other brands too shortly, feel free to share your feedback on this.

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