6 Reasons Why Arvind Kejriwal Could Be India’s Obama?

Arvind kejriwal has emerged as a new hope of the Indian masses in the otherwise depressing corrupt political scenario. To compare him with Obama may be an audacious imagination, but the circumstances and the way his stocks are rising, seems to be similar. There is enormous anger against the existing government and opposition hasn’t been able to capitalize on it due to its internal fighting. Meanwhile, this anti corruption crusader is rising to the occasion, grabbing this opportunity with both the hands and is in the limelight for all the right reasons. I wouldn’t be surprised if he emerges as a credible alternative to both BJP and congress in the next Delhi’s elections. Here are a few reasons why I think he could be India’s Obama.

1. He Is One Of Us
One look and you will find him just like you and me. The way he looks like, his dressing sense and no nonsense clear talks gives a refreshing change from all those idiot sycophants who talk on top of their lungs and hardly make any sense. Just like Obama made the voters feel like they are voting for someone who was from them, arvind too has a similar charisma attached to him.

2. Knows How To Tap Anger Of The Masses
The unemployment is rising, so is inflation, so is crime and so is corruption. Bottomline  the masses are angry. The politicians are busy making money and usually wait till the elections to raise such issues. They hardly react in between. That’s where kejriwal has stepped in to fill in the gaps. The political parties have been caught off guard and have no answer to his questions.

3. Makes Good Use of Social Media
If there has been one Indian organisation which has made good use of social media effectively, it is “ India against corruption”. The high number of fans it has on its facebook page, the highly engaging conversations and the passionate followers, all this spreads the message to the young and restless of the country. If any politician needs to learn how to use social media it has to be from none other than Barack Obama. The amount of funds he has raised, the kind of support he created for himself using social media is unparalleled. Kejriwal and his team isn’t far behind.

4. Darling Of Electronic Media
He is someone who is daring to take on the stinking old political system head on. The David vs Goliath fight always make for a good media story which can give high TRPs. He is favored by the TV channels and this reflects in the kind of footage he receives which no one else can manage. Obama’s rise is often credited to the support of electronic media he received during his campaigns.

5. High On Symbolism
The launch of his party’s vision statement was on Oct 2nd (Mahatma Gandhi b’day and hence obvious references). The launch of his party’s name will be on Nov 26 (the day Mumbai got seized and hence the reminder that India needs a change). Equating his movement of not giving electricity bills with that of Gandhi’s civil disobedience movement. Arvind Kejriwal knows emotions play an important role in politics and symbolism make these emotions run high. Obama too used symbolism to evoke emotional support from his voters.

6. His Intentions May Be Right, But He May Not Be Able To Deliver
Just like Obama, he is making the right noises about the change in the system but in case (just in case) he comes to power he may not be able to change much. The system is too complex to be changed and it will need many more kejriwals before we see any substantial change.

In the end, all that I can say is, only time will tell if he will be as successful or unsuccessful as Obama. But one thing is sure, Indian politics is in for a change (even if a slow one). He has made the beginning and instead of watching from the sidelines, we need to be a part of this change. Three cheers to the audacity of hope!

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