5 Marketing Lessons To Learn From Apple iphone Launches!

So, once again news sites across the globe had Apple’s iphone launch event covered on their front page. For last few days and the next few days to come, most of the tech critics, bloggers, analysts will eat, dream, sleep Apple. I many a times wonder,what is so magical about this company that it manages to attract everyone’s attention, get tons of free publicity and keep posting record profits. Below is my take on the 5 marketing lessons we all can learn from Apple.

1. Create Trust
Before you launch your product to the world, you need to take an honest look into are they worth launching. Are they setting another benchmark? Are you being a market leader (setting up the gold standard of your industry) or just a follower (samsung). The more satisfying your answers will be, the more trust you will create in the minds of your buyers. Apple puts a lot into into research and always comes up with mind boggling ideas, designs, UI and that’s why people trust it. It is only the buyer’s trust which has made them a top-selling smartphone year after year.

2. Hype Works

In india there is a trend that movies are promoted like anything before the release and all the focus is on getting maximum collections in the first 3 -5 days. After that, it is just a catch up. In the tech world, Apple has perfected this art. No other product has managed to create hype around its product or brand as successfully as Apple does. Once they tell a release date, the focus is to create record breaking sales in the shortest possible time. This again adds up to the HYPE. Point is – Hype your product to the max, if people trust your brand, it will set the cash register ringing.

3. Avoid Price War
If you expect people to buy from you solely because of your low price, then you are all set to be doomed. That clearly means you have thrown up in the towel and have nothing else to show but low prices. Price war should be the last marketing strategy not the first. Apple doesn’t give a damn to what analysts think and always price its products at a premium.

4. Add-On Rocks
This is one advantage which you can have if you have positioned yourself as leader, not follower. Keep introducing small updates and charge for it. Apple never leaves any opportunity to maximize its revenue by altering iPhone design. Every now and then, they come up with some small changes which requires purchase of proprietary hardware which never works with other type of non-Apple devices. They will call it “revolutionary” , “jewel” etc. however at the end of everything, they are trying to sell you another product off their shelf. Case in point the recently introduced “Lightning connector”

5. Don’t Blind Rush
Apple iPhone 5 doesn’t have larger screens such as the 4.5″ Lumia 920, or the 4.8″ Samsung Galaxy S3. Apple hasn’t boosted its smartphone’s resolution either. Simple, just because your competition is doing something, you don’t need to catch up unless its is critical. Focus on your core competence. Focus on your own USP. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

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