7 Things Your SEO Consultant May Lie about and 5 Ways To Counter Them!

SEO industry has its own share of Pinocchios. Unfortunately their nose does not grow longer, each time they lie about a certain aspect of website promotion. Seth Godin too acknowledged this fact in one of his bestseller – All marketers are liars. He said – “Every marketer tells a story. And, if they do it right, we believe them. We believe that wine tastes better in a $20 glass than a $1 glass. We believe that an $80,000 Porsche Cayenne is cooler than a $36,000 VW Touareg, which is virtually the same car. We believe that $225 Pumas will make our feet feel better than $20 no-names… and believing it makes it true

In the SEO industry where the client is ultra impatient, needs overnight results, it becomes quite tempting for a seo consultant to promise the moon and walk away with the advance payment check. Many SEO consultants tell me if we try and convince a client that SEO is a long and tedious process, many wouldn’t be willing to sign up.

Many seo sales team executives are also guilty of misleading their client. The pressure of meeting the targets, the temptation of incentives for high budget clients and little subject knowledge ends up creating expectation mismatch and that sows the seeds of dissatisfaction.

You can’t get a client sign up for his website promotion by setting unrealistic expectations. That is a fraud. They need to give a basic understanding of what internet marketing is all about and should be able to convince their prospects on the realistic terms and conditions.

Having said that, it also becomes the responsibility of a client to know and understand basics about the industry before they award their project to any tom, dick and harry. Else, they may either end up burning money or spoiling their online reputation in the long run.

Let’s try and understand, what are the top 7 lies that a seo consultant may tell you so as to grab your project without showing you the complete dirty picture.

1. The More Links You Have, The Better It Is
Look straight into his eyes and bluntly tell him – Nope, only high quality links matter. That too natural. You need a few more for the sake of diversity. Make no mistake, Low quality link building is under the hammer and do it only if you want your site to be de indexed.

2. Workable Content is Acceptable
Nope. Only high quality content is acceptable. The rules have changed. Emphasis on content based marketing is on all time high. Your chances of winning are directly proportional to the quality of the content which you have on your site. Did anyone tell you that Panda updates, are more lethal than American drones ;-)

3. It’s All About Page Rank
The moment he says it, show him the door. Page rank is an important factor, but just one of the several hundreds of factors, which Google considers in its search algorithm. It used to be a huge thing in the stone’s age. Not anymore. At least not for your keyword ranking.

4. We Can Guarantee a Rank
You gotta be kidding man. You can only guarantee a rank if you are Google. Otherwise, you just work on probabilities. The speed at which Google is changing its algorithm is too complex to adapt. You can increase the probability of ranking your clients for a keyword. But guarantees, – No way. Even at WebMarketingWar we give 100% guarantee of increasing web traffic. Promise what you can deliver. Don’t over promise and under deliver.

5. Social Media is An Easy Nut to Crack
Ask them how many of their stories made it to Digg’s front page. How many re tweets or Fb shares do they usually get for any post they share. Ask them how many comments, their posts usually attracts. And you will get to know, social media optimization isn’t about copy pasting a link, it’s about driving a conversation, engaging the audience and getting their vote of trust confidence via shares, re tweets, +1.

6. You Will Get To See The Results Within A Month Or Two 
Any reasonable seo campaign takes a minimum of 3 months before it could show any substantial results. This is told to you, to make you sign up, anticipating quick results. Once you are in, you will have no choice but to wait before the results show up.

7. We Are Experienced Enough To Work Around Google’s Algorithm

Now this is a dangerous statement. Are they trying to say that, they indulge in black hat techniques? If that is the case, they may end up hurting your site or worse may even get it blacklisted. As a service buyer , you have full right to know what techniques are they going to employ and what could be the ramification of those techniques. Its always a better idea to stay away from such agencies or be completely informed about their strategies.

This leaves us to the last question - what else can you do to counter their claims?

1. Ask For Reference - Take your time out and talk to those with whom they have worked before. See if that agency/ consultant has got any positive media mentions or testimonials. The key is real testimonials not fake ones.

2. Seek Second Opinion – Ask your friends or acquaintances in the same niche, if what you are being promised makes sense to them.

3. Don’t Go After the Price – The lowest isn’t always the best. Go for result oriented agencies rather than those who claim to be the cheapest.

4. Don’t Hurry – Don’t push your seo firm/ consultant for quick results. Accept is a long process, which can yield result only over a period of time (minimum 3 months). No overnight magic potions.

5. Do Your Own Research – Its makes huge business sense to know a bit about the industry yourself so that you can make sense of industry jargons and understand if you are told anything sensible or being taken for a ride. At the end of it, it is you who will be spending money, not them.

Hope these points will help you choose a better seo consultant/agency, who can increase web traffic, drive more visitors, more page views, better rankings and eventually more business to your site. Happy Hunting :-)

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