8 Things You Should Give Up To Increase Your Website Traffic!

Just like a writer’s block, there exists a SEO block as well. It is that time when you have done most of things (you thought) right and are still unable to increase your website traffic. This is the introspection time. Effective promotion of a site is a thinker’s job. Someone who can remain on their toes, be receptive to new ideas and execute them flawlessly. There are things which we should do and there are those which we shouldn’t.  Below are the ways to help you come out of that SEO block and help you to think afresh. These are those things which you should give up onto to your road of seo enlightenment.

1. Give Up Your Attachment – Don’t remain attached with low quality link building techniques. They may have worked in the past. Not anymore. Google is going full throttle against such tactics and has begun to  penalize sites for the same. Spun articles, submitted to 1000 article directories, comment spam, creating exact match keyword sites, interlinked to each other (to pass on PR benefits) and  those 1000 links for just $10.00 schemes. It’s simply unacceptable now. Please give up on your attachment for old style link building. It will not work anymore.

2. Give Up Your Resistance To Change - You may have years of experience in promoting websites. You may have an impeccable glorious track record however, there comes a time when we all hit a rough patch. It could be either with new ideas, or new strategies or anything else. Things are changing pretty fast. Your juniors or people around may have better ideas on how to increase web traffic. Be open to constructive feedback and new suggestions.

3. Give Up Your Need To Be Always Right - If things are not working as expected, then there must be some reason behind it.   Either the strategy is faulty or the execution. You may be wrong in your strategies. When you don’t see the desired results, be willing to accept it and go back to the drawing board. Re strategize. Find out, if there is any issue in the execution. Identify the weak links and work around them. It’s all right to be wrong sometimes. Just don’t remain rigid to your stand that you were right and stick to it forever.

4. Give Up On Complaining - When things don’t go right (as they sometimes will), the easiest way to defend them is to play a blame game.  Blame the juniors, blame the management, blame the market, blame the competitors, or better blame Google for being partial. Instead of indulging in any blame game or keep complaining about it, use your energy to make better strategies, more effective seo plans. Invest your time and energy to learn the rules, adapt yourself to them, play to win. Stop cribbing about why you couldn’t, start thinking about how you can.

5. Give Up Your Need To Impress Others - Everyone wants to have a dream start to their website. The moment it is launched, one expects high quality traffic, thousands of likes on facebook fan page and thousands of twitter followers. If you get them naturally then it’s a BIG BIG achievement, otherwise don’t create artificial low quality backlinks and please don’t buy fans and followers. You can impress others by your high number, but you will not be able to answer, when they see that, your community isn’t talking. Those who came to visit your fan page were paid to like it and had no interest in striking any sort of interaction with your brand or services. Keep it natural, let it be slow, don’t rush to impress others. It will happen in due course of time.

6. Give Up Your Excuses - I still remember an seo executive who will create an impressive, grand, website promotion plan. He would convince a client that it will work for sure and by the end of 3 months, if the results aren’t there, he will create another impressive report on why it didn’t work. He would create a big list of reasons with all the technical jargons that a client will end up thinking that the problem lies in his product not the executive’s style of promotion. Clients need traffic, client need rankings, client needs leads. What they don’t need is EXCUSES or why what you planned didn’t work. So instead of offering excuses, find ways on how to do it more effectively next time. We all fail, but there should be every effort to rework with greater force, rather than to cover up and cut a sorry figure in front of our client. Be honest. Be transparent. Give Solutions not excuses.

7. Give Up On Your Fears Experiment. Be open to new ideas. Don’t ever think -What if it didn’t work? 9 out of 10 times you will fail. That is perfectly fine, because the one time when you will succeed, it  will launch you in the top gear of website promotion industry. You will have your own zen moment, something which will give that magic potion which will help you rank any website high within matter of time.  Just because something didn’t work last time, doesn’t mean it will not work this time as well. Keep the concepts clear and fundamentals strong. Best SEO tactics take time to give results. Don’t give up too soon.

8. Give Up Your Need For Control - Stop controlling everything. Learn to Delegate. Assign teams.  Each for link building, on page activities, social media optimization or ppc. Don’t get all the job done by yourself. That will stress you out. Build  a team. Assign weekly tasks, take weekly briefings. Monitor the daily progress. Stop controlling each and every aspect of website promotion yourself. That will simply result in burn out.  Identify your core strength and focus only that. The rest you should only monitor, not micro manage.

Hope the points listed above help you clear your mental block and to think afresh about new ideas. I repeat, SEO is now a thinker’s job. Think like a marketer. Think like an advertisement agency copywriter. Think out of box.  Brainstorm new strategies.   All the best, hope you achieve your seo nirvana soon.

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