7 Mistakes To Avoid While Using Facebook For Business

850 million active profiles. That is the number because of which facebook continues to remain the undisputed king of Social Media. Brands, flock to conduct business with it, due to this mouth watering number only. With the help of best of audience targeting tools, they customize their pitch so as to get the highest possible ROI, out of their advertisement spend.Having said that, money alone, cannot be the sole factor to run a successful promotion campaign. In social media, there is no dearth of examples where in the best of brains ended up committing the worst of blunders, cutting a sorry figure for their brands. A smart brand is one which uses social media for its profits and doesn’t end up becoming its victim. Wanna know how? Below is the list of top 7 deadly mistakes which you need to avoid while using facebook for business.

1. Carelessly Designed Fan Pages : Your fan page is your face to the masses. Make it professional, make it attractive, design it in such a way that, the moment anyone looks at it, says – WOW. Bring that wow factor in your design , in the content that you post. If you can’t come up with something original, learn from the leaders. Study the leading brands the way they design their pages, imitate their ideas. Moreover, make your page work for you. Don’t let it stand there like a beautiful receptionist offering only warm welcome. Make it like a smart and suave executive who not just welcomes your visitors but also captures their data by interacting with them. Put on your thinking cap to get the most out of your fan page.

2. Irregular Posting : Your fans expect to hear something from you every once in a while. Irregular posting will drive away the momentum and make your flock disinterested in your brand. Consistent interaction is the key. Once you have them, hold their attention like a star performer, give them reasons to revisit your page, dont let them sway away to a rival competitor. Visitors are fickle minded. They always keep on searching for something better. So if you want their loyalty, you have to be the best in your niche, keep reminding them the same and do everything to make them believe it too.

3. Excessive Promotion : Your products are awesome. Your services are out of this world. Agreed, but your customers may not agree with it or will not like to hear it over and over again. So instead of constantly promoting your product, share something else which offers value to them. Make it interesting. Run contests and add content which can make them talk, comment and spread it on their own.

4. Not Creating Apps: Apps are your passport to tons of user information, without paying a dime. Create an app, (if possible, keep it free) see if it goes viral, and if it does, you will have access to thousands or millions of user specific data all for free. All that you need to do is, invest in creating an app which has the potential to go viral. I understand, its easier said than done, but just in case you hit the jackpot (i.e. your app becomes viral), you will have access to rich user data and may even start receiving unimaginable opportunities.

5. Spamming : Many businesses pressurize their social media executives to get more and more likes. These guys in their pursuit of meeting the targets start spamming other profiles. They may get some success initially but what they don’t realise is they will end up hurting the brand of their company in the long run. Let the likes grow naturally , don’t force it and please don’t buy it.

6. Inability To Handle The Backlash – Let’s accept it. Social media is a tough proposition to handle. Its very nature of instant reaction sometimes makes it harsh for the businesses. That leaves little or almost zero margin for error. So before launching any social media campaign, train your executives on how to handle nasty and negative comments. The backlash could be for real or at times orchestrated by a competitor. You cannot fight a negative reaction with aggression, it needs to be tackled tactfully. Your social media team, should be well prepared for any eventuality.

7. Not using Facebok Ads: Agreed that facebook ecommerce will take some time to get a kick start, however, till that time you can use facebook ads. They are highly targeted and can help you get maximum ROI through its robust self serving platform. Before you hit the “advt here” button, just ensure that you have done due diligence on who your audience is and what do you want them to do on your page. The goal could be to capture email or get visits to your site or make them download something. Thereafter, create a compelling ad copy and keep testing different ad formats. Keep on experimenting till you settle for the one who delivers maximum hits and best of conversion.

If you avoid these mistakes, your chances of success will improve drastically and you could see a rise in business opportunities and profitability. Hope you liked it, looking forward to your comments.

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