5 Reasons Why You Must Use More of Social Media and Less of Google

If Search is the kingdom then rankings are its assets. Search engines do everything to makes sure its assets remain in the best of  shape, always. They invest in their technology, tweak their algorithm, constantly update it and stay ever ready to fight new challenges, just to offer you – best possible results for a keyword.

This sounds sweet from a user point of view,  but what about the marketers? They desperately fight among each other, to appear in those most sought after top 10 spots. Many have legitimate reasons to get upset when they don’t find themselves in the top 10 despite of having the best of design, content and user experience. Having said that, the fact of life is, only 10 (may or may not be, the best 10) can occupy the first page. Rest of the results act as nothing more than fillers.

As time is passing by Google is reducing these slots further. The Vince’s update made sure the big brands get preference over small publishers and Google’s  caffeine made sure that the results had loads of Google’s own properties (news, images, videos, etc.) to further choke the top 10 visibility.

You may think of it as a conspiracy to limit the slots for organic placements and force the marketers to use Google’s paid program (adwords), however, Google begs to differ. It says these changes have been incorporated to improve the quality of its search, reduce spam and help users find the most satisfying results.

The crux of the entire argument is – it is their company, they are the market leaders and you simply can’t do much about it. Use it as per their rules or find other ways to drive traffic to your site.

What could be the other ways to drive traffic? The answer is simple – Social media. It makes sense not to put all your fruits in one basket i.e. lessen your dependence on just one source and that’s where the importance of social media lies. Below are the top 5 reasons to understand why you should rely more on social media and less on search to increase your traffic.

1. It keeps Google’s monopoly in check
Google is now that big fat daddy of search who make its own rules to suit its requirement and promote its own properties and doesn’t mind choking  the placement slots  with sites like Wikipedia (for information based search) and Amazon (for e commerce kind of search). Your usage of social media act as a reminder to Google that it is not the INTERNET and there are  other sources of traffic too. This will make it think over  the need of both the searchers as well as the marketers.

2.Gives you new ways to share and spread your content
Social media users are good at judging a post. It is a paradise for those who hate old style link building.  All they have to do is, produce a cracker of  a post, share it with a reasonable size of audience and see the magic unfold. Backlinks will start mushrooming on their own. Pure natural backlinks. What more can you ask for?

3. Can give tons of traffic within a short span of time
Social media is notorious for sending avalanche of traffic causing server breakdown. So, creating awesome content is one thing, to be prepared for traffic explosion is another.  But, the problem of plenty is one which every website owner would love to have. What is more important to understand is – what will you  do with such a traffic. Get the correct landing page , make your objective clear and then unleash your awesome content and let the cash bell start ringing.

4. Real time interaction – instant feedback. This can be good, if positive and scary if your product fails to find acceptability amongst your target audience. It is infamous for,  instant gratification and instant burial. But in real world, we call it feedback, which, if good, strengthens your belief to take it forward, if negative then helps you take a relook at your concept or services. Either ways the product wins.

5. Helps you build your own audience base.
Social media isn’t about bots. It’s about real human beings. They love to hear from you, provided you give them something incredible to listen. Social media users are more active and better influencer’s offline.  You have the opportunity to create your own fan following which waits for your products, talks about it, recommend it, all through word of mouth for free. That’s what social media can do to your brand.

So, all i would say is that – Go  full throttle, while using social media for promoting your product and services. Add the element of interestingness , and not just blatant advertisement. Be prepared to get avalanche of traffic. Make that traffic work for you to drive your profits up.

Social media is important not just for the benefits listed above, it is important, because, it is serving a bigger purpose of keeping the powers of the web in check. That is one thing, which, none of us can compromise upon.

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