5 Easy Ways To Get More Likes, More Comments On Your Facebook Fanpage!

More than 90 % of the companies have dead fanpages. These are those pages, where in people don’t talk, just like it and vanish, never to return again. Their fanpages are literally like ghost towns, which no one ever steps in. What good will such a fanpage do to a brand? Getting thousand of likes is not the ultimate goal of any fanpage. It is just the starting point. The goal is to create a vibrant community around a brand. The goal is to make them who liked – speak , write and air their views about you, your services and other issues.

IMHO, there are two main objectives for creating a fanpage.

A. To stay in touch with your customer base. The best case scenario will be, to make your customers become lifetime loyalists, eat, drink, sleep, talk, your brand only. The idea is not to make them brand loyalist, the idea is to make them your “brand addicts”.

B. To increase awareness about your brand. This helps you to acquire new customers. Make your competitors pee in their pants and go bankrupt with ideas on how to stop you from going viral.

For this you need to make your fans talk. Interact with them, entertain them, keep them happy to an extent, that, they just couldn’t resist themselves from visiting your page again and again. Many would say, easier said than done. In my opinion, it is not that tough as well. Lets try and take a look, at below mentioned 5 easy ways to do it.

1. Share Something Interesting
Your company is the best and your products are almost out of this world. But, your fans still wouldn’t prefer to listen to your achievements on a daily basis. They want to know the inside story, the human side of your brand, your silly goof ups, awkward moments and spicy inside stories too. They want to know, the people behind the brand, what they do, who they are (not just the top management) middle level managers, those who run the operations on a daily basis. The casual side of a brand is often the best way to connect with your fans. The inside sneak peek makes them revisit your page again and again and make them feel as if they belong to your company.

2. Take a Stand on Controversial Issues
You might be an IT company or a manufacturing unit or from any other niche. It still matters to your customers, what do you think about controversial issues. What is your company’s stand? Issues can be anything like Afghan pull out, mitt Romney or Obama, Facebook – instagram deal, Google’s war on spammy links or social media censorship. The moment you make your stand clear, you will get to see the comments. These are those events which affect the daily lives of your fans and will them speak, once you make your stand public. The Goal is to – Make them speak, that is a sign of a healthy relationship with your fans.

3. Run Contests
A mere interaction will not help you much. If you want more out of your fan page (which you must) , You need to spike up your fan’s adrenaline rush. Run contests, give your community a goal, offer rewards when it is accomplished. Contests could be for best feedback or best photograph of your fan along with your product, or best logo design or best tagline etc. Goals could be, invite 100 friends each to like our page and you can win an ipod or (anything else exciting which can motivate them to do participate). Point is – engage them and make it fun.

4. Offer Special and Exclusive Deals
Dell made more than $6 million by using twitter. If you make your official fanpage a place for exclusive and special deals, I bet your customer will keep flocking to it every now and then. This keeps them happily engaged, drives your sales, make them happy and spread a positive word of mouth. To make it more fun, run a poll, ask them on which product, they would like to have the deals on, make them have a say in your promotion and see the results for yourself. More happy customers will result in more loyal fan base.

5. Recognize Their Effort
Your fanpage is as good as your fans. In every community, there will a huge chunk of mere listeners and a minor chunk of those who actively engage or interact. You need to recognize those who interact, make them feel SPECIAL so that others too get motivated to become active engagers. The more number of active members you have, the better it is for your brand.

Hope these points will help you towards making your fanpage more interactive, more vibrant. An active fanpage helps to spread a positive word of mouth about your brand and acquire new customers.

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