Is Google Afraid of Facebook?

Google and Facebook are seen as the major rivals on internet today but why so? One is a popular search engine and other a popular social networking website. So can there be any competition between these two? Well the stories around suggest so. Recently, a traffic analyst firm has rolled out some interesting figures. They have examined that traffic on social networking websites has surpassed search engines’ traffic for the first time perhaps. However, it is unclear that what criteria Hitwise (traffic analyst firm) used to categorize web traffic. Nonetheless, the trend seems very interesting and with this talks about competition between Google and Facebook have intensified. So now the interesting questions would be: What is the battle about? Will Facebook take over Google in terms of traffic generation?   Is Google afraid of Facebook? Let’s try to find out answers.
What is the battle about?
Google and Facebook are arguably the most visited websites today and surely one of the biggest brands around in the market. Google rules the search engine business and Facebook rules the social networking business. Of lately, Facebook is expanding the services it provides to the users on its network and Google is doing the same. Actually the battle has intensified as both these players are stepping in each other’s regions. Facebook has launched email services and Google is already trying to claim social networking marketshare with launch of Google Plus. Facebook is also guarding the information about the users now so Google cannot crawl and see what Facebook users are up to. Clearly, the battle is about future, both these companies are trying to develop a one stop solution for all networking and connecting needs.
Will Facebook take over Google in terms of traffic generation?
This is a very difficult question to answer in the current situation. Facebook still has to go a long way to challenge the existence of Google. Google is a very powerful brand and very popular in every part of the world that uses internet. Services like search engine, YouTube, Google Docs, Gmail are the examples of ever increasing power of Google. Moreover, acquisitions by Google over the past years are enough to demonstrate its financial powers. Therefore Google’s traffic would not be easy to beat with its current popularity.
Is Google afraid of Facebook?
It seems unlikely that Google is or will be afraid of Facebook. Actually the interesting part is that the Hitwise categorized YouTube too as a social networking website in their report to study online traffic. Nonetheless, the power of social networking websites is surely increasing but to challenge Google’s power will require a lot more than this. The biggest advantage that Google has that it offers services to those users too who are outside its circle which means that there is no need to sign up for searching something on Google, whereas Facebook only provides services to the registered users. Facebook surely envisions future and can be seen as the next revolution on internet but Google is not afraid of it for now at least.     

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