Top 5 Reasons – Why Facebook Will Always Remain The Undisputed King Of Social Networking!

Facebook gained popularity among all age groups like no other social networking website. Today, the number of user profile on network of Facebook even exceeds the population of many countries. However, many people claim that Facebook may not be able to retain its popularity in the coming time due to steep competition, decreased user interest and combination of some other factors. But given the popularity of this social networking website, it seems next to impossible to substitute Facebook for the following reasons.

One of the main reasons contributing to the success of Facebook is its simple yet powerful interface. Facebook is equally popular among all age groups because of its easy to learn features. Undeniably, Facebook keeps evolving but the simplicity of interface is always there and not many social networking websites can challenge Facebook at this front.

2.Security & Safety 
Although Facebook has been criticized several times for its security features, it keeps working in the area to provide users what they want. The new security and safety features of this social networking website are totally amazing and provide safety not only externally but internally too. Users can now restrict their posts to a certain audience and can even block certain people. Moreover, the security features will increase only in the coming time.

3.User Loyalty 
Brand loyalty is something that is usually associated with consumer goods but it is somewhat the same with websites too. Google is an example of this and now Facebook has such a huge loyalty base that is not easy to challenge. Many users at Facebook don’t even want to try any other social network as they are already very satisfied. Moreover, it is very unlikely that over a billion users will shift over to any other website.

Facebook is everywhere today, right from big cities of the world to smaller town and villages. Some of the cities which don’t have even proper roads know about Facebook. This is something which is difficult to replace, not many websites have been able to reach this level of popularity and it seems very unlikely that a social network can challenge Facebook to this level.

5.User Fatigue 
People already have had too much of social networking, they understand that it takes too much time to develop a profile and to maintain it. The several photos, comments, notes, videos etc are invaluable and cannot be replaced. Therefore users are not willing to go to a totally new network and start all over again there. Nobody has that much amount of time to invest again in a way they did on Facebook.

The reasons for Facebook’s popularity are quite simple yet difficult to be challenged. It has provided people a platform where they can do a lot of other things besides connecting. Social games and other applications have surely added to the average time spent on the website. Furthermore, Facebook keeps innovating things which keeps its users intact in the network. Therefore whatever happens to the social networking business in the future, Facebook will continue to rule it.

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