Advertising On Bing? Click To Call Might Work Better Than Query Forms!

There was an interesting question, posted on Quora – Do Microsoft employees use Google at the office? Many people including some of the Microsoft existing and ex employees replied and mostly their reply was “Why not?” Nothing wrong in admitting that Microsoft doesn’t impose a cult like culture where you are forced to use their

How Brands Leveraged Ganesh Chaturthi On Their Fanpage!

Ganesh Chaturthi is an important festival in India and brands usually use such festivals to engage with their audience as  psychologically, people tend to shop more in a festive mood.  From the marketing point of view all that a brand needs to do is to leverage the occasion and use it to improve their brand

Who Benefited from Google’s Android KitKat Deal and How You Can Benefit Too!

First the facts. Google will name its next Android release as – Kitkat. The same Kitkat which you and me munch almost every day or every week. This has been reported as non financial, contra deal, which means no money has been exchanged. Google had decided on the collaboration at the back of last year,

How To Reduce Website Bounce Rate In Three Easy Steps!

The other day I was talking to someone who asked me quite innocently what exactly a bounce rate is? I replied – a metric which tell you about those visitors who came to your site and could not tolerate it beyond 5 seconds. Whenever anyone asks me about a bounce rate I recall Avinash Kaushik’s
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